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Adaptation: it is the key to our evolution as a species. Humans have become the dominant civilization on Earth by constantly adapting and evolving to meet the challenges posed to us by the world, and by each other. We have always collectively strove to do better — to be better. Today, the first step to being your better self, your ubermensch self, is to look at wellness from a fresh, clinical perspective. Here at Cranky Yankees, we hope to help you do just that!

Where to begin...

The road to a better life has no fixed start. Here, we believe that the first step could be through any of these three categories below!

It's All Science

Like the Promethean fire that started man's climb to Olympus, this section contains all that's new and innovative in the world of discoveries and inventions, with applications for everyday life.

Wellness To You

Nobody has figured out the recipe for Ambrosia, but we're getting closer and closer with each new step. Catch the latest on wellness practices — mental, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental...

Healthier Life

Since the conception of the Vitruvian man, we've come a long way in the conception of what a healthy lifestyle contains. From nutrition and diet to exercise and medicine, the world of health is here.

About Us

Cranky Yankees is an experiment in social education started by three friends — Jay, Bob and Mike.

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is an academic, intellectual, and amateur physicist. He started out as a child, posting on science forums, debating with adults over scientific theory and metaphysical concepts, often meeting them toe to toe. Jay went on to earn many awards and honors in the scientific field, using the breadth of his knowledge to further the cause of humanity and its collective evolution.

Bob Barnes

Robert “Bob” Barnes is an enthusiastic people pleaser who has focused on health for most of his adult life, a journey he calls ‘fat to fit’. Suffering from obesity as a kid, he was often bullied in the schoolyard and even in his own home. He found mental peace, therefore, in strict physical exercise. Now, he champions the cause of mental wellness from physical health, he conducts workshops and trains young minds in the art of all-round fitness.

Mike Cumming

Mike Cumming likes to describe his life in two parts — before the accident and after the accident. After surviving a near-death experience, he vowed to turn his life around. Having left his daytime job and started a counseling service, he now acts as a life and wellness coach to lost souls looking for guidance and direction. With a purposeful focus on mindfulness, spiritual enlightenment, and rational thinking, he likes to write about betterment of life by making little changes to one’s daily routine.

Contact Us

The three cranky yankees, as we’re so ironically named, are actually quite sociable and love to get a good discussion going. If you love reading our blog and have ideas to make it better, then we’d love to hear from you!

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