edward everett

Edward Everett :
The Other Speaker at Gettysbury

Jim talks about Edward Everett

“We could not have been more pleased with your performance of Edward Everett at our library last night. Your characterization was superb. You captured the essence of Hon. Edward Everett in his oratorical grandiloquence to ‘T.’ One could almost imagine oneself present at Gettysburg hearing the Great Man describe the battlefield and the sacrifices made by those who fell there. It is easy to see how 19th century audiences could be held spellbound by an orator whose expansive gestures, inflections, and painted word pictures made his subject come alive in their imaginations.

“You gave us a wonderful taste of the past seen through the eyes of one of its most famous statesmen. You caught very well Everett’s life and times and the great issues of the day that engaged him. All in all a masterful performance concerning which I have heard nothing but raves from audience members. We are most appreciative of your sharing your talents with us and giving us such a fine and memorable performance. I think the full house, the numerous insightful questions, and the enthusiasm of the applause showed how well you captured our audience.”

Carl Zellner, President
Friends of the Charlestown Branch Library