Calvin Coolidge: More Than Two Words

calvin coolidge

First performed over twenty years ago in Plymouth, Vermont, on Calvin Coolidge’s birthday—the 4th of July. The president’s son, John Coolidge, was in the audience and said, "The actor did very well with his impersonation."

We join President Coolidge at a press conference. “Silent Cal” met more frequently with reporters than has any other president. Thanks to the new radio, more people heard Cal’s voice than the combined voices of all previous presidents. He was our first president to broadcast from the White House and the last president to never drive a car or fly in an airplane. He was also the last president to travel on horseback to deliver an address — that, at the commencent of work on Mount Rushmore where he coined the phrase, “Shrine of Democracy” . You may well wonder how he ever merited the nickname “Silent Cal.” The fact is, he had no capacity for small talk.

“More Than Two Words” opens an extraordinary window onto our past with a performance that has changed textbooks and the opinions of many regarding our 30th president. Learn why Will Rogers said President Coolidge was “The funniest public man I ever met."

Here's a long video clip of one of Coolidge's press conferences, which aired on C-SPAN. It was filmed at the Boston Public Library on February 11th, 1999.