Cranky Yankees : All Together Now!


Calvin Coolidge Edward Everett Daniel WebsterJohn Quincy Adams

In this performance Jim Cooke showcases selections from his several solos and compares and contrasts the divergent characters he has taken. He also discusses several figures he didn’t fit. Think of it as a Greatest Hits compilation or even — an infomercial.

Who delivered the Gettysburg Address? Huh? At the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on that fall day in 1863 — nearly 150 years ago: Who delivered the Gettysburg Address? Hint: It wasn’t President Lincoln.

Who was Daniel Webster? I hope you don’t think he “wrote” the Dictionary because he didn’t. “Dictionary Webster” was his very distant cousin, Noah. Who was Daniel Webster? Was this charismatic New Hampshire man “Black Dan” or the “God-like Daniel”? Why did JFK include him in his “Profiles in Courage”?

Who was Calvin Coolidge? OK. OK. He was the 30th President but who ever named him “Silent Cal” simply was not paying attention. Like turkeys leaping into a barrel, historians have followed each other in their rush to consign Coolidge to the dust- bin of History. Learn why Will Rogers called his friend the “funniest public man I ever met”.

Who was John Quincy Adams? Our sixth President devoted his life attempting to live up to his parent’s expectations. (JFK includes him among his profiles of courage, too.)

Who is Jim Cooke? He is an actor who turned from the drama of the stage to the “dry” pages of history. Today, he makes the past live again in four amazing solo performances. Cranky Yankees: All Together, Now! brings together his four characters in a "greatest hits" from Cooke's several solos.